About Us

Since 2013 Bogdány Petrol Ltd. and Fairfruit Group have been working in cooperation to satisfy clients’ needs and comply with their demands by developing new products. Fairfruit Group provides agricultural knowledge and technical expertise as to how to use the anti-frost candles. The company conveys the notes, the observations and therequirements of the growers to the producer company, Bogdány Petrol Ltd. Furthermore, Fairfruit Group organizes global marketing and sales strategies. With more than 100 years’ experience in oil production, Bogdány Petrol Ltd. manufactures products of excellent quality.

Fairfruit Group

From Hungary to Portugal, Fairfruit Group, founded in 2014, chooses the best soils to develop the culture of stone fruits in Europe. Fairfruit Group markets the cultivation of apricots, nectarines, peaches, plums, cherries and olive oil in 1100 hectares of orchard and 11.000 tons of annual production. Its products cover three seasons with multiple varieties chosen for their unique flavour. It runs from April to mid-September. Fairfruit wants to play a key role in the stone fruits market in Europe.

Our strategy is based on  sharing knowledge and expertise, mastery of the supply chain and a strong corporate culture.

Fairfruit wishes to provide its customers with healthy, high quality products developed in compliance with the producers’ and consumers’ values.

The Bogdany Petrol Ltd.

The production plant of Bogdány Petrol Ltd. is located in Nyírbogdány in Eastern Hungary, 16 kilometers from the nearest city, Nyíregyháza, with excellent logistical capability to  the Ukrainian, Romanian and Slovakian border. Bogdány Petrol Ltd. possesses a tank-park of considerable capacity, its own industrial rails, effective production machinery and professional staff of 80 persons.

Annual production capacity is close to 100.000 tons. Oil industry manufacturing has been running since 1904 at present site with its current area of 42 ha. The first mineral oil refinery of Hungary was established here.

Bogdány Petrol Ltd. was founded on 20th March 2000, then the management bought out the factory on 12th December 2001 from the Hungarian Oil & Gas Company which formerly owned and operated the company through its predecessors for decades.

Bogdany Petrol Ltd. exports 85-90% of its production to more than 50 countries but domestic companies are also willingly using their products.