Technical Expertise

Candles are suitable against spring frosts. The anti-frost candles are filled in 6-liter metal cans, the additives provide the warm smoke for 10-12 hours burning time.

Every fruit culture has a critical temperature value in the respective phenological phases which knowledge determines the necessity of frost protection.

Advantages of smoking candles:

  • Many years of experience and tradition.
  • Most effective protection against the frost.
  • Can be ignited several times – can be use for several frost periods.
  • The orchards can be uniformly protected.
  • Long durability.


Temperature -2 °C -3 °C -4 °C -5 °C -6 °C -7 °C
No. of necessary candles/ha 200 250 300 350 400 500
  • No. of necessary candles/ha

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